The titles in this bibliography provide an introduction to the sub-field of artificial intelligence and legal reasoning. There are three broad themes distinguished in this reading list: cognitive science and legal reasoning, legal reasoning and AI (defeasible, case-based, rule-based approaches), and reasoning with and about AI systems in law. There is a mix of introductory and more advanced texts that should lead the reader into the world of AI and law. The first theme looks at human reasoning from cognitive perspective and investigates whether the specialised reasoning as observed in legal settings has a potential to be computational. The second theme delves deeper in the different approaches to modelling legal reasoning, these include logic-based approaches, argumentation, reasoning by analogy and rule-based reasoning. The third theme provides insights in the current research on AI assisted legal technology and how such technology is used and perceived by legal actors.

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Cognitive Science and Legal Reasoning

Legal Reasoning and Artificial Intelligence

Reasoning with and about Artificial Intelligence Systems in Law

The Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence