Emotions and Adjudication

Kristina Cufar, Reason-emotion Binary and the Law

The lecture engages with the reason-emotion binary in the Western tradition and problematizes such a dualistic conception through feminist theory. The reason-emotion binary is a tool that was historically used to construct and conserve social hierarchies and ensure unequal treatment of legal subjects.

Lecture Part 1

Part 2

Quiz 1


Reason-emotion Binary and the Law (1)

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How did the reason-emotion binary influence the legal status of women and people of color in Western history?

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What are emotions?

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Binary definitions (definitions involving opposites, like reason and emotion) are often criticized by critical theories. Why is deconstruction suspicious of binary definitions?

Quiz 2


Reason-emotion Binary and the Law (2)

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How was the reason-emotion binary used to restrict the legal rights of various social groups (like women, people of color, and others)?

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Is feminist theory homogenous?

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Why do feminist thinkers often critique the reason-emotion binary?