Recognise Permanent Seminars (RPS)

The RECOGNISE project features a permanent seminar series convened by Miha Hafner (Ljubljana), Michele Ubertone (Bologna) and Antonia Waltermann (Maastricht) with a view to the exchange of ideas and theories relating to legal reasoning and cognitive science. Meetings take place online and are open to project members as well as interested external parties.

Past Seminars

Sense of Agency

Sebastián Figueroa Rubio (Universitat Autónoma de Madrid) will speak about Sense of Agency, Joint Attention, and Scripts. On the Cognitive Context of Intentional Action.

Troubles with Experimental Jurisprudence

Francesca Poggi and Monica Ferraroni (both Università degli Studi di Milano) will speak on Troubles with experimental jurisprudence: the problems of sampling.

The risk of noise

Niek Strohmaier, Assistant Professor at Leiden University, will lead a discussion on (one of) his research findings relating to 'The risk of noise in using open norms: the case of bankruptcy trustees' duties in insolvency proceedings.'

Legal Normativity

Guest presenter Noam Gur, from Queen Mary University of London, will lead a discussion on Legal Normativity between Reasons, Reasoning, Cognition and Motivations.

Naturalized Legal Inferentialism

Guest presenter Damiano Canale, from Bocconi University, will discuss the topic of Naturalized Legal Inferentialism: Problems and Constraints.

Police investigations

Guest presenter Robert Horselenberg, Associate Professor in Legal Psychology from the Faculty of Law, Maastricht, will discuss the topic of 'Tunnelling in the police investigation - Recognition of an ongoing process.'

Online manipulation

Arianna Rossi discusses the topic Online privacy decisions, manipulation and dark patterns

Joint RECOGNISE / LACS Seminar: On the Psychology of Normativity: the Normative Control Hypothesis

Prof. Marco Brigaglia

RPS: Anna Borghi

Concepts for which we need others more: the case of abstract concepts

RPS: Jaap Hage

Constructivist facts

RPS: Bartosz Brożek

Ecological Rationality in the Law

RPS: Adriano Zambon

Legal Concepts and Cognitive Naturalization

RPS: Luisa Lugi, Stefania d’Ascenzo, Caterina Villani, Corrado Roversi, Michele Ubertone

Grounding Institutional Concepts: An Experimental Study

RPS: Manuel Atienza

Legal Reasoning, Cognitive Science and Reductionism. A Proposal to Avoid Reductionism in the RECOGNISE Project

Jaap Hage

Comments on Atienza

RPS: Jaap Hage

RECOGNISE Integrated. An attempt to make the internal coherence of the RECOGNISE project explicit

RPS: Bartosz Brożek

Comments on Hage