Presentation Slides

You can download the presentation slides of the lectures that were prepared as part of the RECOGNISE project here.

Brigaglia, Cognitive Biases in Adjudication

Roversi, The Cognitive Structure of Legal Institutions

Čufar_Reason-emotion binary and the law

Waltermann, Acts and Responsibility of AI

Waltermann, Dual Challenge

Jakubiec, Legal Philosophy and Cognitive Science, Troublesome Naturalization

Jakubiec, Legal Concepts and Cognitive Science

Jakubiec, Cognitive Metaphors

Hafner, Emotions and Criminal Law

Hafner, Is Justice Blind to Stereotypes and Prejudices

Schiavello, Legal Reasoning, Rhetoric and Ideology

Spena, Free Will and Responsibility in Italian Criminal Law

Rocchè & Ubertone, Can Disgust Predict Legal Decisions

Roversi and Ubertone, Legal Concepts and Embodied Cognition

Novak, Law, Reason, and Emotion

Hage, Concepts and Basic Legal Concepts